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Day to Night Outfits

July 4, 2017 1 Comments

I frequently travel, and in doing so, have developed some formulas that work for me.  It not only simplifies packing, but even when not out of town, makes it easy to throw a few items in the car, so you do not look like you “just got off of work”.  I’m not certain where is stems from, but I always feel off if not dressed for the surroundings.  It’s not the end of the world, but wearing a suit at a Mexican restaurant, just feels a little weird.

I mentioned in the travel tips that I believe in over packing, however that is not to say that I do not believe in packing some items to be reused to create different looks.  If you are trying to smuggle a few things into the office to change at work, the simpler the better.  Here are a few things to consider when planning to go from your work look to a after hours.


I use a wristlet as my wallet, which fits perfectly in my work bag, and is what I use everyday.  It makes for an easy transition.  There is no need to pack/bring an additional purse – just pull the wristlet out and head to dinner.

Switch Shoes

If you are wearing a dress or cropped pants, change from your work heels, to a flat (ideal also since they take up less space).  This is particularly easy in the summer, when you can use a cute flat sandal.    A ballet or pointed toe flat or smoking slipper work great year round.   In the winter, boots or booties become as option as well.


Lose the blazer and throw on a cardigan, leather jacket, or jean jacket over your blouse.  Or, change the entire top look and go with a sweater or casual top.


If all else fails, one of simplest changes to make, is to throw on jeans.  Even if you keep the same work top and shoe look, the jeans will instantly shift it to polished casual.  If you want to get a little more creative, try a pair of colorful skinny crops, instead.


Easy and the smallest to take with you.  Adding a statement necklace or layered delicate necklace, are the easiest, as well as a cuff.