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Quest for the Long Summer Sweater

August 17, 2017 0 Comments










Left: Soprano Marled Duster Cardigan (wearing Girls M, 10-12); Similar Here – (don’t knock it, basically the same as wearing a XSP) Middle: Halogen Long Linen Blend Cardigan (wearing XXSP in black, also available in regular size) Right: Loft Cardigan (wearing XSP) Similar Here

A petite girl’s challenge: finding any type of long cardigan sweater that doesn’t look – as I often say about various oversize pieces – like you are playing dress up in an adult’s clothes.  We all need that occasional summer cover-up for when the AC is frigid, or a cool evening.  So begins the quest for something that is lightweight, comfortable and stylish. I find that the right fit across the shoulders, and sleeve length are the key, since the rest is long.  If both of those are working, the next becomes the fabric itself.  Since this is a summer sweater and will most likely be worn over a tank or short sleeve top, I am picky about the fabric being soft.  A few were ordered to try on, and, hopefully, find the right one. (BTW, does anyone else do this?  Order numerous of the same item, to have a little “fashion show” trying on at home?)

I ultimately decided to keep the Loft cardigan (pictured on right).   I wanted to like the Halogen sweater (middle look).  The fit is perfect, and I love the including the length.  However I could not get past the fabric itself – a little scratchy, but, as I mentioned above, I am picky about the feel.  If this is not as important to you, then this would be a perfect option – really wanted it to work.  The Marled Duster (left look) was a great fit and fabric, but decided on a solid color.