Cini's Mini World


About Me:   I’m Cinnamon, and am 5′ tall.  Yes, that is my real name.  And, yes, I have heard all of the comments that you are thinking of right now, that go along with it.   I love clothes, and have experienced the frustration of not being able to have the easy fitting finds that my taller friends do.  The style look of playing dress up in your mother’s clothes is cute when you are a child, not so much as an adult.

The Blog: Cini’s Mini World is designed to show fashion and style finds and ideas, especially for those of us that are petite.  I love a great deal, but also believe in quality investment pieces.

Sizing and Measurements: I typically wear 00P/0P/XSP, and size 5.5 or 6 shoe.  Measurements: 28″ inseam, 31/24/32.  If any items have been altered, it will be noted.