Cini's Mini World

I frequently travel for my day job.  Below are a few tips and tricks that I have picked up and frequently utilize.

TSA Pre Check

Spend the money and do this if you travel with any regularity.   No need to remove shoes, belt, laptop, light jacket, or liquids.  If you are carrying on, and have your boarding pass when you arrive at the airport, it is wonderful to go directly to security and breeze through.  It can easily save 30 minutes.  Note: wear flats, or shoes with minimal metal.  Even though you do not have to take your shoes off, high heels have too much metal in them to go through the metal detector, so you have to take them off.  I always wear flats to the airport, and keep heels in my luggage (handy at the top, so I can easily grab and change).


I know there are a million articles about minimal packing, etc., and I do try to reuse pieces, but overall, I suggest slight over packing.   Take at lease one pair of extra underpants, and extra top.  What if your flight is cancelled and you need to spend an extra day?  What if you spill something on yourself that a stain stick cannot remove?  What if you go someplace that causes odor in you clothes (like cigar smoke)?  These scenarios have happened to me, and I am so glad that I had extras.


If you are always packing/unpacking and trying to remember everything, especially toiletries, getting small duplicates that can be left in your bag are very helpful.  I have travel size, or small containers, with all hair and body products, a razor just for my bag, etc.  It is one less thing to think about when packing.

Are there any tips you are looking for, or any helpful hints you have picked up in your travel?